The Shantified EXPERIENCE.

Everything must be shanti, shanti

Get an authentic feel of India in the most comfortable way possible. 


Authentic hand stitched clothing, shawls, home decor and fashion accessories made of locally sourced satin silk, hemp, and cotton,  A varierty of shawls available  from various qualities of Himalayan wool and Kashmiri pashmina. 


Select Items are specifically sourced from small private businesses within local communities of various states around India, Nepal, Tibet and Thailand.

All Natural

We travel to various parts of India in search of handmade clothing for men and women using only local natural color dyes and eco-friendly, biodegradable fabrics & materials. Many of the Shantified products are specifically inspected for quality fabric and fine stitching.

  While traveling through India, We fell in love with everything the country had to offer. Peace and tranquility in the mountains was easily summed up in one word - Shanti. The multifaceted country could change right before your eyes and yet everything will remain Shanti, Shanti. We found our passion of everything India was something we wanted to offer to everyone.


  Many times a year we take trips back to India to carefully select specific quality items to add to the Shantified shelves. Our goal is to eventually offer a complete stock of only eco-friendly products, clothing, and accessories.


Rasika rai das & The cows of india

Many people are aware of the spiritual significance of cows in India, and that they are able to roam freely through the streets. However, very few people are aware of how poorly these animals are actually treated. Urban areas and places with high levels of tourism (such as Rhishikesh or Delhi) have resulted in completely paved areas, and a mass influx of construction. Cows no longer tread on grass fields and instead walk concrete roads licking and eating posters off of the wall or even eating trash and cardboard.


  Often the cows face abuse and are hit to be removed from the area. With minimal local resources these animals have nowhere to go. Tourists that feed the cows often spend too much money and provide too little greens for the various animals to get the proper diet necessary. While in Rishikesh we had the privilege of meeting and aiding Rasika Rai Das in gaining awareness and support to provide cows throughout India with the proper safety and dietary requirements necessary to maintain healthy and nutritious lives. Check back soon for full Interview with Rasika Rai Das & Shantified LLC.

Using only eco-friendly materials

Helping local businesses grow

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